Sunday, November 29, 2009

Read it ~ Share it: The Power of Respect

Successful relationships are built on respect.

Deborah Norville, most well known for journalism and hosting of Inside Edition (CBS), now offers The Power of Respect. She addresses the effects of respect in homes, schools and businesses.

Data and stories support the premise that respect increases productivity. Norville explains that on the set of Inside Edition, mutual respect between staffers has made the program and enjoyable experience. Every employee is vital to success. She includes multiple testimonies of managers and business owners who invested in trust and respect of employees. Businesses such as Zappos and PartsSource, not only thrived financially, but people loved their jobs, too.

Medical and mental health professionals agree that mutual respect enhances relationships. I appreciated lists and sidebars offering practical suggestions from a variety of these sources. My favorite topic stemmed from finding out how someone else defines respect. I realized that my family may perceive respect differently, and therefore respond in a way I might not anticipate. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman contains similar ideas.

When it comes to personal relationships, I think Norville expresses unrealistic optimism. As in any relationship, business or personal, both parties involved must agree to the change in philosophy. This book will not replace needed traditional counseling or Biblical teaching. There are no guarantees that respecting your teens will make them less rebellious.

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to boost morale in your company or your own backyard, The Power of Respect (Thomas Nelson Publishers) offers helpful suggestions to point you in the right direction.