Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost and Found

After every PCS (Permanent Change of Station, for you civilian readers) we struggle to find a new rhythm of life. It is easy to focus on all we have lost in the moving process. We left friends and business partners. Our children lost an amazing dance studio and community theatre. We knew where the best thrift stores were located. Best driving routes. Free activities for kids. Nicest playgrounds. Target.

Craving what I have lost only makes the transition more challenging. Instead, I choose to see what I have found.

A most incredible selection of local cuisine.
A great public library.
Opportunities to serve others.
An incredible homeschool theatre group.
Road trips to "the city" in search of Starbucks coffee.
Neighborhood kids for my son to play with.
Internet shopping.
Quaint, small town experiences.

My new commitment is to spread this "Lost and Found" philosophy to those around me. Many people at our new installation are less than pleased about what our location lacks - beauty, culture, entertainment... a Target store. Now, I turn the tables and tell them what I've found.

What great things have you found in a new place?