Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MilSpouse Top Ten List - Part 2

My Top Ten - Tough Things About Being a Military Spouse

10. Monday mornings...
9. The week before deployment.
8. When the base gate is locked down, and I'm late for an appt.
7. Keeping all the acronyms straight. POC? POV? PCS? PDA?
6. Constantly living in a state of "change of address"
5. Changing doctors, dentists, and schools
4. Industrial tile in my dining room. Thank you base housing.
3. My social security number no longer means anything.
2. You measure time by where you are in the deployment schedule.

And the number one tough thing about being a military spouse...

1. Saying goodbye.

Monday, May 3, 2010

MilSpouse Top Ten List

Today's top ten list is brought to you by:
MilSpouses Rock Blog Carnival at Wives of Faith

TOP TEN Best Things about Being a Military Spouse

10. Military discounts!
9. New wardrobes for every PCS based on climate.
8. PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) meets worldwide.
7. Sense of security especially when you have to show your ID to go home.
6. Sort everything you own, every two years.
5. Military installations offer one-stop shopping: Commissary, BX/PX, gas station, library, Burger King...
4. Ahhh. The sound of aircraft taking off warms my heart.
3. Good reason to decorate in red, white and blue all year round.
2. Make friends all over the world.

And the number one reason...

1. My man looks good in a uniform!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

MilSpouse Bible Verse

Military spouses across the country are joining the blog carnival sponsored by Wives of Faith. Today we are sharing a scripture verse that impacts our lives.

A few months ago, we PCS'ed to Cannon AFB in New Mexico and I met a wonderful group of Christian ladies. One day as we were praying about an upcoming event, the Lord led us to Isaiah 35.

"The desert and the parched land will be glad;
the wilderness will rejoice and blossom
like the crocus"

Isaiah goes on to describe the streams in the desert and the restoration of the people of God.

I am thankful that even though we live in a desert, either physically or spiritually, God causes the flowers to bloom like a beautiful oasis.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My MilSpouse Story

I met my husband in college and never dreamed I'd be a military spouse. Jamie was in the Marine Corps reserves which made it more of a weekend hobby than a lifestyle.

Then on our honeymoon, we heard that Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait. He knew that our new life together was going to be a bit different then we had planned. Three months later we celebrated Thanksgiving, announced that we were expecting our first child, and sent him off to Operation Desert Storm. Through his experiences in the "catbox" he heard God calling him to ministry.

Ten years later, after seminary and local church ministry, it was time to return to the military,this time as an Air Force Chaplain. We love it!

You can find more stories from Military spouses this week on the Wives of Faith blog carnival.

A Distant Melody

Sarah Sundin beautifully weaves historic details into the love story of a humble hero and an heiress betrothed to a man she doesn’t love. Later, a chance meeting between Allie and Walt kindles a tender relationship during the fierceness of World War II. Over the course of months, the two correspond through the unpredictable mail system leading to misunderstanding and secrets. Can faith mend two hearts separated by uncounted miles?

Readers will experience pain and fear as seen from a bomber crew in both successful and failed missions. Then, glimpse life on the homefront, where family and friends face the reality of rationing and newsreels. A Distant Melody is a well researched story that brings enlightenment to the era without the stuffiness of a textbook. As the wife of a military member, I enjoyed reading both perspectives.

I am eager to read Book 2 when it is released this fall. You can bet it will be on my list!

You can find this and more amazing book reviews at Author's Choice Reviews