Monday, May 3, 2010

MilSpouse Top Ten List

Today's top ten list is brought to you by:
MilSpouses Rock Blog Carnival at Wives of Faith

TOP TEN Best Things about Being a Military Spouse

10. Military discounts!
9. New wardrobes for every PCS based on climate.
8. PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) meets worldwide.
7. Sense of security especially when you have to show your ID to go home.
6. Sort everything you own, every two years.
5. Military installations offer one-stop shopping: Commissary, BX/PX, gas station, library, Burger King...
4. Ahhh. The sound of aircraft taking off warms my heart.
3. Good reason to decorate in red, white and blue all year round.
2. Make friends all over the world.

And the number one reason...

1. My man looks good in a uniform!


Jessica said...

oooohhh good list!
Like #3...I look for any and every reason to decorate red white and blue =)

Becky said...

yeah, my #1 was the uniform....who doesn't love a man in uniform?

Kathryn said...

Great list! I love what you said about the security that was a good one!

The Ipps said...

I am liking and disliking number six. Teaches us all how to live simple or we have to move/unpack it :)