Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Writing Cave

In the fog of early morning - the kind that comes from lack of caffeine - a signal shines on the ceiling. The silhouette of a writing quill beckons from the darkness. Who will rescue the people from passive voice verbs?

To the bat cave! Er... I mean... To the writing cave!

If only it actually worked this way for writers. Our goals of writing 2000 words a day never seem like a matter of national emergency. Instead loads of laundry and a list of errands interrupt productivity.

So what's a writer to do?

First, call yourself a writer. Say it aloud with me - "I am a writer." When I fill out forms at medical offices, I no longer write "homemaker" in as my occupation. Once I started calling myself a writer, I defined my daily purpose. My keyboard is priority number one.

Rachelle Gardener, literary agent, describes the life of a writer with a book contract. "What are you doing to prepare for the reality of being a contracted author?" Gardener asks. She offers suggestions for streamlining household duties and using your time and resources for your career as a writer.

Once you call yourself a writer, it's time to act like one! When Batman is wearing those ridiculous tight pants, his entire persona shouts superhero. I'm not suggesting that you waste time creating a costume and fake name. But what if your "writing cave" housed tools of the trade like a cool filing system, books of secret tricks, and a password.

Batman knows that his mission is important. Do you act like your mission is valuable? Today when you sit down to tackle that article or devotion or 90,000 word novel, compose your thoughts as if the world depends on it.

Holy Word Count, Batman! It's time to write!

(Hmm... I think extra espresso is a creativity enhancer. Or it just makes you have flashbacks to your childhood.)

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