Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Free Puppies

Most mornings I make a pot of decaf. It still has some caffeine despite its claims. (My daughter's science fair project proved it.) Today, however, I'm on a robust high octane version. I sure need it!

My youngest child, Quin, offers moments of exasperation on a daily basis. This week I was pushed over the edge. You see, he wants everything... every toy on TV, every item on sale 30% off (this week only), every free pet.

His impulsiveness leads to some parental trials. This week's temper tantrum topics included:
  • Wanting to sign up for online gaming so he could win money
  • Deep desire to play tennis, or soccer, or be a cheerleader
  • Craving for papaya since they were on sale at the grocery store. (Mom, what's a papaya?)
  • Passion for learning how to use crutches
  • Urgent need to own a puppy. (Mom, I've never had anything to take care of except that hermit crab that died after two days.)
Frankly, I'm exhausted. Two months ago he randomly emailed people online trying to buy an exotic monkey to have as a pet. He lost his Internet privileges indefinitely.

You might think to offer all kinds of parenting advice. Maybe he's not getting enough attention being the youngest of five children. He could suffer from deep emotional disorder. Some of you might say he just needs a good spanking, while others assume I had spanked him which caused this entire problem.

A few of you have a Quin of your own. A child who leaves your jaw dropped. You ask yourself, "How did this happen?"

I don't know. But what I DO know, I will share with you. God has it all worked out. Every challenging day comes with His promise to be with me always. Discipline, counseling, and other man-made tactics will help me through the struggle, but ultimately GOD will be the cure. Today, with java and my Jesus, I will pray and pursue His holiness.

Do you have a challenging child? How is God showing you His grace through the struggle? Leave a comment.


T. Anne said...

OMgoodness you are a crack up! I think the good Lord sees fit to bless us each with a Quin.... Sometimes we are Quin.

Kim said...

Oh Casey, How I love to read your thoughts. You bless me so very much with your wisdom and willingness to be real. Thank you for Quin - these things too shall pass. Love ya, Kim