Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Tell the Truth

In a recent article, Beth Henderson calls fiction writing the "business of telling lies for a living." Maybe that's my trouble. I enjoy real life too much.

My friend Lori Poppinga and I encourage one another in the writing process. We attend conferences together, blog, tweet and even use a real telephone to keep up with the latest writing endeavors.

Through the process I've discovered that I really love writing about real life. Frankly this scares many of my family members and good friends. Inevitably their names will end up in print, for better or for worse. But whether its humorous or devotional, informative or editorial, I get a kick out of living every moment.

Sure, I play the "what if..." game like most people. This leads to most of my humorous posts or emails. But most of the time, I observe the world in living color and tell what I see.

Maybe I should consider the occasional fiction story. As Beth explains, it gives us permission to imagine all the possibilities and then "prepare to tell lies." What an awesome world we live in!

Check out Beth's article HERE.

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Lori said...

I agree with Beth. I have a great imagination and think of all these really wacky things that could happen, but generally never do, but what if they did. Okay, maybe they are not really wacky. Maybe some people some where actually do them. Well, that would just be wacky.
Thanks for mentioning my name:) Lori