Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Happens After Grapefruit?

This was a strange morning. My sweet husband got our public school kids out the door while I stayed in slumberland. By the time I woke up, there was no coffee and much to do. I found myself staring at a cold, juicy grapefruit instead of creamy mocha goodness.

Healthy - you betcha! Invigorating? Warm? Caffeinated?

So what is life like after grapefruit?

I felt deeply inspired to go to yoga class after a three month absence. Unfortunately I only lasted about 20 minutes. I've had trouble with my back, and without a heavy dose of coffee, I wasn't going to make it far anyway.

After grapefruit, I ran typical errands - the bank, post office, library. All the while, I had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. You know that feeling. The one where you can't remember if you turned off the stove or forgot an important medical appointment.

It's almost 3:30pm. I'm feeling a bit desperate for the chocolatey aroma of my favorite blend with a dab of fresh whipping cream on top. A small amount of grated dark chocolate sprinkled over the... Sorry, I got a little sidetracked. (No doubt a lack of concentration due to coffee withdrawl)

It seems that even random people have some sense of order in their lives. Maybe it's how you organize your coffee mugs or the route you take to the coffee shop. You might be the most creative, unpredictable person, but I would bet that you have some treasured routines that keep you afloat.

As for me? I can smell the hazelnut brewing. It's almost time to start my day...again.

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Lori said...

YOu, my friend, are creative. Keep it up.
PS. I like the orange and white font, but have a hard time reading the blog because the font is so dark and blends with the background.