Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mom's Christmas List

Thanks to Wives of Faith I have a perfect reason to post my Christmas list online!

1. Legos: My husband says the kids have too many already, but I am certain that we could build something amazing if we just had a few thousand more.

2. Books: I'm currently hooked on Jenny B. Jones (NOT Junie B Jones books for kids) but I'd take any Christian fiction titles.

3. Hills Brothers Double Mocha Cappuccino mix. They don't carry it in Clovis. I might die.

4. Pillowcases: I know this is a strange request. My friend Rachel Eggum Cinader takes pillowcase dresses to various missions around the world. Click here to Dress a Girl Around the World.

Thanks in advance, Santa!


Lori said...

You'll have to stock up on the coffee while you're still in Texas or at the last spot of civilization before entering no man's land.
As for legos, I wish I'd known...I'd of given you all of ours, but sold them a year ago.
Pillowcases...don't seem to have enough of those myself...although they might be more useful as dresses as my kids aren't always sure what to do with them:)
Books...Books...Books: One can never have enough.
Hope you get all you want this Christmas season, Dear Friend.

Sara Horn said...

Congrats Casey! Your name was drawn for our blog carnival prize today! You've won the $10 LifeWay gift card as well as the Kay Arthur Bible Study from LifeWay Women. Please email me your mailing info to and we'll get it out to you! Merry Christmas!