Monday, December 7, 2009

Read It ~ Share It: The Noticer

Perspective allows us to step back and see the bigger picture.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from Andy Andrews book, The Noticer. What could a stranger notice that would be so life changing?

The man called Jones weaves in and out of the lives of normal people beginning with Andy. To the couple whose marriage is strained to the breaking point, Jones offers insight into how they give nad receive love. The sage offers advice to a businessman who fails to see his employees as real people with real needs. To a woman in utter despair, Jones shows how every life has purpose.

Eech of us has an opportunity to be a "noticer" in the lives of those we love. We plant seeds of encouragement in others. We see their purpose and success through the eyes of Christ instead of by lists of failings.

Andrews challenges readers with thought provoking questions as a followup to the story. How can we see others through God's eyes?

I especially enjoyed the chapter aimed at teens. The dialogue between Jones and the teenagers reveals the need for parents and wise mentors to speak up and encourage teens to make healthy decisions.

Don't read this book unless you are prepared to impact those around you with encouragement and perspective. Be a noticer!

Read It ~ Share It: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

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